Sell your home in
7 days!

Need a quick sale or not finding any success on the market selling your home?

We are always seeking new residential investment opportunities across South London & Surrey.
We will pay for all surveys required and your legal fees. All you need to do is pay for your movers!

No viewings    No delays   No chains

No deductions   No estate agent   No legal fees


Deal with us, the purchaser direct.
Entirely Confidential.
Take as long as you need to complete.
Rent back options available.

Wilbridge Properties is part of the Wilbridge Group of companies owning, acquiring and developing both residential and commercial properties since 2015. Registered with the PRS and FSB, we can buy your home direct, offering a fast and a efficient home buying service you can trust.

We help people looking to sell quickly for any reason without the stress! No dealing with agents, lawyers, exchange fall-throughs and ultimately a lot of time and money.

We have no small print or caveats, just 5 simple steps.
Sell your house to us direct in as little as 7 Days! (though leaseholds may take slightly longer).

If your house was left on the open market for 6 – 9 months – that’s 6 – 9 months of bills, tax, and mortgage interest being lost. We will make you a cash offer and aim to complete whenever suits you! We also can offer flexible, below-market rent-backs.

London and Surrey Homebuying – any home, any condition. Allocations are limited on a monthly basis so get in quickly! Reserve your allocation today!


Maximum market offer received

Days or less to agree the sale!

Months saved of stress, mortgage interest and bills

Fees. We take care of everything!

How It Works

By selling direct to Wilbridge Properties, you avoid the time, potential fall-throughs and hassle of selling your property on the open market. You won’t have to deal with estate agents, viewings, pay commission, chase lawyers or pay any legal fees or surveys!
Selling your house used to be time consuming and stressful. Let us take the stress away and make an offer on your house in less than 7 days!

We offer a fair price of up to 85% the market value of your house – depending on the current market, location and condition. Deal with us direct, and guarantee yourself a safe, risk-free sale!
We handle the whole transaction – all you need to do is book your movers!

Why Sell To Us

Wilbridge Properties is part of the Wilbridge Group of companies owning, acquiring and developing both residential and commercial properties. Registered with the PRS and FSB, we can buy your home direct

We do not make any deductions after the formal offer is made and we can source independent, reputable solicitors for you to engage if you do not already have your own. Other homebuyers have caps on legal fees or will insist on using their own in-house conveyancers for both buyer and seller else not pay your legal fees. This is a conflict of interest! – You can check this for yourself when speaking to them or in their small print.


Up to 85% market value with no further deductions and ALL fees paid. No small print!


Factoring in time, mortgage interest, bills and tax savings, plus zero commissions & zero legal fees


No risk of fall-through from market buyers pulling out last minute or long chains


Deal direct with us as the purchaser, with no need to sign anything until exchange!



A dedicated manager handles your entire transaction, making things easy and clear!


We are flexible with when you wish to complete, and even offer you the option to rent back

How Do We Compare? – Transparent Calculation

Based on a £300,000 property in South London with mortgage payments of £1213 pcm; Utility charges £63 pcm; Home insurance £14 pcm; Council tax £137; Legal fees inc mortgage discharge £3000; Surveys £400; agent commission at 1.25%(inc VAT) £3500

£300,000 property for sale on the open market for 6 months

  • Purchase Price after 6month price reduction estimate 92% 92%
  • Fees, Commission, Mortgage & Bills as a percentage of purchase price 5.5% 5.5%
  • Total Paid upon Completion 88% 88%

£300,000 property sold to us in as little as 7 days!

  • Purchase Price up to 85% 85% 85%
  • Fees as a percentage of purchase price 0% 0%
  • Total Paid upon Completion 85% 85%

Can We Help You?

How much will Wilbridge Homes pay for my property?

To allow a fast transaction, we will pay up to 85% of the estimated market value of your property. This is subject to the condition of your property, location and current market.

How much is my property worth?

Estimated market value is based on the type of property, location, condition and sales data in the area (comparables).

Why do you need a surveyor valuation?

We base our offer to you on desktop valuation of your property based on the location, size, condition, market and sales in the area. We instruct an independent surveyor to confirm our valuations. This is largely a formality to allow us to satisify future lenders upon refinancing.

Is the price guaranteed?

Once you have accepted our formal offer, the price is fixed and your sale is secure! No deductions will be made during the course of the conveyance (unlike some homebuyers!).

When will I be tied into the sale?

Like all property transactions, you are only tied into the sale when exchange of contracts has happened. We do not ask you to sign any documents as all legal work is done via solicitors.

Is there anything I need to pay?

Nope! We cover all your legal and survey fees.

When do I have to move out?

You tell us! We are totally flexible and can agree on a time that suits you.

We can even offer rent-back options if required.

Can I sell a rental property with tenants occupying?

You sure can. You don’t need to even give them notice, we will take on the property with the tenancy!

Where Do We Buy – Principle Area

We will still consider properties further afield in South London and Surrey – so please contact us today.


House sale fall through & Chain issues

With nearly half of all property transactions falling through, you may decide to free yourself from unreliable buyers and long chains to get yourself moving! Especially if you are about to lose your new home. We can help!


If you are facing a respossession from your mortgage company, in most instances they will sell your home to a new buyer. This adversely affects your credit score. Getting out in front of this by making a quick sale could be something you might consider.


Downsizing is something that faces most of us in our lives at one point or another. You may not be comfortable with the viewings, process of selling your home, or the time involved. We can help you by taking care of everything! All you need to do is arrange your movers.


Divorce can be a difficult time. We can assist by providing an impartial offer and fully-managed transaction to ensure the fast and effective sale of your home. We can help appoint, and liaise directly with solicitors arranging equity dispersement and mortgage discharge.


Whether you are retiring elsewhere or being relocated for work, we can help ease the burden by offering you a flexible completion date and stress-free transaction.

Bereavement & Inheritance

We understand how hard it is losing someone. We also know the pain and trouble of trying to deal with a property transaction at such a time.  We will fully support you with a dedicated manager who handles the entire transaction for you.

Long leasehold issues

If you are having trouble extending or selling your leasehold property, we can help!


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